Feelmax – Best for my feet?

Feelmax® are the only real barefoot footwear on the market. They fit like a thin flexible sock. They are so light you hardly notice them.



Osma 4


Osma 3

Niesa 3

Panka 2

Kuuva 3






The thinnest outsole gives maximum feeling to the ground, and corrects the posture. The result is less knee, hip or back related pain.

There are more than 20 small muscles in each foot. Eighteen are connected to the toes. These muscles support the arch. Many of them remain “passive” as a result of wearing traditional footwear. Barefoot walking or running will activate these muscles and cause them to become stronger and less prone to injures. Additionally, the blood circulation of the foot is stimulated, preventing many circulatory related illnesses and reducing cold-feet effect.

The average person takes about 7,000 to 14,000 steps every day and will walk about 100,000 kilometers in a lifetime. It is rare for babies to have foot related problems. These problems typically develop within a few years after birth giving evidence to the fact that it is footwear that helps to cause these harmful changes.